A simple Rule to Sell More Art Online

Selling art online can be pretty tough and tricky for artists. People can usually find paintings by typing their names in the search engine, however most of the time they don’t know the name of the artist they might be interested in. Therefore, most artists don’t get their work out to the vast majority population. However, there are ways to sell more art online.

Many artists set up galleries online, and these domains promise the artists with everything they want. Those promises however don’t pan out, especially on larger websites. Before social networking sites came out; online websites seemed to be quite favorable to artists. However, nowadays social media sites have made it easier for artists to get their work out in the world.

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But even though a lot of art is sold this way, maintaining an online profile on social networking sites is hard work and risky business. Artists have no control of the content, or surety that the artists’ post will remain on the site for more than a day. Moreover, at times these sites can re-direct from their area of focus or sometimes even delete their domains.

The best way for artists to handle such problems is to start up their own websites where they can control without anyone else’s interference. Thus artists have to make their own website where they can dedicate their art work. Their social website will become a portfolio for all of their art work. By making their own website, artists can show their work, organize and display their art and provide contact information for anyone interested in buying their paintings.

Once they have created their websites, artists have to make sure to keep them maintained. They have to uphold, manage and incorporate their websites among their social networking sites. Traditional methods of getting exposure can also get people to check out the websites. For instance, showing at brick and mortar locations, associating within the art community, taking part in shows etc.

Artist must only portray their artwork on their websites. They should personalize and make it an environment that is unique to them. Classic portfolio sites may be good for artists to sell their art but having an own website appeals the buyers who appreciate art and attracts them towards it. Artists should make sure to mention the price of all their work and keep their websites as lively as possible.

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