Tips on Selling Original Artwork Online

If you are one of those people who think there is no market for art on the web then you are not alone. But that doesn’t make you right either. It is now commonplace for art deals to be made online as the number of art pieces sold on the internet is increasing with each passing year. There are a few tips anyone can follow to be able to sell their art online.

  1. Photograph the Art from All Viewing Angles

Pictures of the art from every viewing angle are a must if you want to attract buyers. The people want to know what the art might look like from near and afar before they decide to purchase it. For a person to build a human connection with the art, high quality photographs are required.

Pictures from all possible angles will allow people to visualize how the painting or print might look hanging on their wall. If everything is left to the imagination, it will be impossible to sell.

Apart from the different angles a close-up picture of the surface of the art is also necessary for people to look at details. They can see the textures and intricate craftsmanship used to create the masterpiece. The quality of the medium used and the brush strokes or pencil marks will be clearly visible to them. Buyers will be able to judge the quality of the work through the pictures.

  1. Be Passionate When Writing the Artwork’s Description

The words used to describe the art should be carefully selected so the idea behind the work and its meaning is clearly explained. You should become a story-teller when writing the description, telling about the journey you embarked on when creating the piece. It will help the audience connect with the work on a personal and emotional level.

The description should also include practical information such as measurements and the medium or materials used. You can describe the process followed to create the art briefly as well.

  1. Get Trust Badges

Trust badges are the most essential element of any online art-selling website or store. This establishes a sense of confidence in the buyer and allows them to choose your store knowing they will not be cheated. The ‘Trusted Art Seller’ badge is awarded to stores on different websites by the hosts to certify they are legitimate sellers.

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